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Together for a unified Traditional European Medicine

What is TEM

It is the traditional art of healing in Europe, extant in written form since 500 BC and currently rediscovered and further developed as an effective resource of contemporary healthcare and medicine.


Is the meeting-ground of Traditional European Medicine, where individuals and institutions, professionals and all people interested in health come together, since health concerns us all

Is the regular congress, which will take place for the first time on June 17th – live in St. Gallen and at the same time online in other European cities, as well as on your computer – with multifaceted fringe events.

Our goals


Networking of all relevant persons, groups, and institutions of TEM


Regular events, live and online, and annual congress (with conference proceedings)

Online journal

Publication of articles on TEM in a own online journal

Quality standards

Definition of quality standards in TEM

Public relations

Public relations in the field of TEM

Time until the TEM–Forum









  • The TEM Forum aims at sponsors from fields such as medicine, education, manufacturing, rehabilitation, medical-wellness, healthcare, therapy, pharmacy, health tourism, etc.
  • The TEM Forum offers sponsors a pan-European reach – online on the website and at meetings, offline at events and forums – and a boost of reputation.

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[email protected]

Our top speakers

  • Louis Hutter (President of TEM-Forum) &
    Karl-Heinz Steinmetz (Vice-President of TEM-Forum): Status quo and outlook, based on a Europe-wide online survey
  • Annette Kerckhoff (Prof. for Health Sciences, Berlin): Making visible the invisible women of TEM!
  • Dr. Kornel Dora (Director of Abbey Archives and Library of St. Gall): Medicine in the Early Middle Ages in St. Gallen

Call for Contribution

Send us your proposal for a paper, poster or video until October 31th 2022.

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