What is TEM

TEM, Traditional European Medicine,
  • is used to maintain health, prevent, diagnose, improve and treat physical and psychological complaints and illnesses,
  • offers a scientifically sound contribution to today’s integrative medicine and a valid resource for health care,
  • has been attested in writing since around 500 BC and is being rediscovered and further developed today,
  • forms a cultural heritage that needs to be documented, researched, protected and made accessible to all citizens.

The Art of Diagnosis

The Art of Phytotherapy

The Art of Pharmacy

The Art of Healthy Nutrition

The Art of Treatment

The Art of Balneotherapy

The Art of Exercise

The Art of Resilience

Naturopaths specializing in TEN/TEM are one first port of call in the Swiss healthcare system. The following video shows some diagnostic procedures and building blocks of a TEN treatment concept.